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Welcome to Sstylez Studio Unisex Salon & Spa

Our skin and hair care advice is widely sought after and the salon services for hair are considered to be one of the best. Here, you can be assured of professional services and a fulfilling experience whilst revelling in all the pampering you are invited to feel the rejuvenation. Sstylez Studio Unisex Salon Spa is a new-age and modern salon that brings an entirely different approach to hair care. We promise a unique experience to women/men. We have a team of hair stylists who are aware of contemporary trends and styles. Our purpose is to lend style, lustre and gravitas to the hair of our discerning clients.Sstylez Studio Unisex Salon Spa is the answer to all your distressing needs. We are the Best Spa in Noida to rejuvenate your Body, Mind Soul. It is a Heaven where tradition meets modernity to revitalize you with an enriching experience. At Sstylez Studio Unisex Salon Spa, we have tailor-made treatments and therapies that will help you heal the mind, body and soul in luxurious surroundings and make you look stunning best for the biggest day in your life. You can choose from a plethora of options.
Our Specialist

Our hair solutions cover a wide gamut including hair coloring, hair streaking, hair straightening, hair perming, hair spa, hair splitant eradication, hair fall, dandruff treatment, crimping, ironing and hair styling. So, give youhair a unique glow and lustre and make it bounce with shine. Let your hair win you applause. Come to us and get your hair treated with experts. Give unique style and charm to your hair and let it ooze confidence.

Where Style is Created!!!

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